PP-8SU CAR PARKING STORAGE HOIST 3.6Ton Electric Safety Locks

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  • Powder coated finish
  • Galvanized and corrugated platform
  • Dual hydraulic lifting cylinders with direct drive
  • Individual hydraulic power unit and control panel
  • Specially designed control arm for operator to control the lift without being under the platform
  • Synchronization chain assuring the lifting platform is balanced
  • With 6 locking tabs, platforms can be stopped at different heights to fit for various vehicles and ceiling heights
  • Safety
  • Electric key switch and emergency stop button for security and safety
  • Automatic shut-off if operator releases the key switch
  • Dynamic mechanical locks and anti-falling device hold the platform in place
  • Anti-slip corrugated deck, to protect both vehicle and driver from possible slip and damage
  • Hydraulic overloading protection
  • Certification
  • Engineer Certified
  • Design Certified


  1. Capacity 3600kg
  2. Lock Release Electronic Release
  3. Power    240V
  4. Lifting Height  2000mm
  5. Minimum Height 189mm
  6. Overall Height 2476
  7. Overall Width 2857mm
  8. Drive Through Clearance  2675mm
  9. Lifting Time   50 Seconds
  10. Lowering Time   35 Seconds
  11. Freight Dimensions 

L 5020mm W 560mm H 1400mm W 1000KG

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