Truck Tyre Changer DS-906A1 Suitable For 14"to 26"


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Technical parameters:

  • Rim diameter:14″-26″
  • Max. tire weight:500kg
  • Max. wheel width :780mm
  • Max. wheel diameter:1600mm
  • Working pressure:≤130bar
  • Hydraulic motor:1.5kw
  • Gear box motor:1.3kw/1.5kw
  • Working Voltage:415V
  • Machine  weight:570kg

Application range: Applicable for changing truck, tyres whose rim diameter is between 14″-26″
Product features:
This tyre changer can change various truck and bus tyres.

Machine functions:.

  1. This truck tyre changer can be operated safely from a remote control panel at a distance from tyre changer.
  2. The operating voltage to the remote control panel is low voltage 24V so there are no high voltage cables running across workshop floor.
  3. The tool bracket, lifting arms and gripper are controlled by hydraulics..

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