DS-706D1 Car Tyre Changer suitable 10 to 28" Rims


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This is one of the best tyre changers on the market, it comes with tyre lifting feature & does not have rim clamps, so will not damage rims. The DS-706D1 tyre changer also comes with 4 helping arms and air operated tilt back main column to make to make tyre changing quick and easy, hook pads are made from high strength, wear resistant nylon so will also not damage rims and will provide years of trouble free use the DS-706D1 also comes with full air attachments.

Technical parameters:

  • Suitable for Rims :10″to 28″
  • Max. wheel diameter:11500 mm
  • Tire width:3″-15″
  • Working pressure:8~10 bar
  • Voltage:240v
  • Power:1.5kw
  • Machine weight:436kg

Application range:
Applicable for changing and inflating car tyres whose rim diameter is between 10”-28”.
Product features:
Adopting semi-automatic lateral swinging arm and two-side arms to change tyres.

Machine functions:

  1. 1. Adjustable mobile slider, suitable for different rim ranges.
  2. Has a center self clamping pivot so will not damage Rims
  3. The working head is surface plated in hard chrome to ensure long lasting
  4. Has self centering and fine adjustment function to allow easy and smooth operation of the tyre changer.
  5. All tools touching rim directly are all equipped with protector, these protectors ensure no damage to the rim.
  6. Low noise rating.
  7.  Super strong and made to last


Dimensions:- 125cm x 120cm x 260cm

weight:- 436kg