Car Hoist Wheel, Tyre Engaging Adapters Suitable For Electric Vehicles & Car Storage On 2 Post Hoists


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These Tyre Engaging Adapters Are Great For Storing Cars On A 2 Post Hoist, allowing the vehicle to be lifted by the wheels rather than the chassis, which would cause harm to your shocker seals and suspension rubbers

They are also suitable for exhaust fitters, allowing full access to under the vehicle, & electric vehicles where lifting from the chassis is not an option.

  • Allows you to convert your frame contact lift to a wheel engaging lift and back to a frame contact lift quickly and easily
  • Faster vehicle set-up than frame contact lifts
  • Ideal for 13″ through 16″ tires
  • Adaptors quickly disconnect from arms to return to a frame contact lift
  • Standard models fit vehicle wheelbases
  • Great for alternate fuel vehicles such as battery, natural gas, propane, etc., where frame access is difficult
  • Use on the front arms, rear arms or all arms
  • Keeps tires at “street level” for exhaust work
  • The advantages of a 4 post ramp lift, with the versatility and flexibility of a 2 post frame contact lift yet takes up less valuable shop space than would any 4 post lift