12 Pack 20 x 260mm Chemset Anchor Studs & Concrete Anchor Kit

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12 Pack 20 x 260mm Chemset Anchor Studs  & Concrete Chemical Anchor Kit

ChemSet™ Anchor Studs are made from quality Grade 5.8 carbon steel to get the most out of adhesive tensile capacities and provide higher shear capacities than regular Grade 4.6 grade studs. Galvanising of ChemSet™ Anchor Studs meets Australian Standards. Stainless Steel ChemSet™ Anchor Studs are high corrosion resistant AISI 316 (A4)


  • Material: Carbon Steel
  • Overall Length: 260mm
  • Thread Size: M20
  • Drill Size: 220mm
  • Drill Depth: 280mm

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